24/01/2018 - We have temporarily paused 16s gut microbiome testing to launch our new personalised nutrition service. Contact us to be an early access customer.

Comprehensive gut microbiome analysis and interpretation, available exclusively through accredited Health Professionals.



Thousands of bugs live in your gut. Some are associated with good health, and some are known to be linked to certain diseases. At MapMyGut we assess the diversity of your gut ecosystem using the latest DNA sequencing technology. This means that we’re able to identify the microbes that inhabit your gastrointestinal system by means of “matching” pieces of bacterial DNA, so we literally create a map of the microbial contents of your gut, hence the name. Our microbiome specialists then add an individualised analysis of your results. Finally, we create a thorough report that describe the key microbes we’ve found living inside you and what they mean for you and your health.

Our tests are available exclusively from one of our accredited health professionals. They will provide you with a kit and will keep in touch with us so they know where your sample is from the moment you send it back to us to the time your results are released, at which point your health professional will contact you to arrange to discuss those with you. Your health professional will guide you through your report and, armed with the powerful information featured in it, will provide you with individualised dietary and lifestyle recommendations that work for you. All our accredited health professionals have extensive experience in using micriobiome assessment and other functional tests and have passed the stringent MapMyGut professional accreditation process. SAMPLE REPORT HERE

24/01/2018 UPDATE: We have temporarily paused our 16s gut microbiome testing to launch our new personalised nutrition service, which will include an assessment of your unique microbiome and the identification of foods that may help you to improve your gut, weight and overall health.

Contact us if you want to be part of our early access customer group, mentioning your interest, and the MapMyGut team will get in touch with you.


The 16S

Standard sequencing method for microbiome tests. It measures a single gene present in all bacterial DNA called 16S that allow us to classify most of the common bacteria present in your gut. Most population data we have is based on this method.

Following the analysis our team of microbiome experts will asses the results and identify how the different groups of microbes associate to health and disease. This information will allow your health specialist to provide you with personalised nutritional and lifestyle advice.

The current turnaround time is currently 6 to 8 weeks and your practitioner will be able to keep you updated of the process. Click here to contact us.

Why are we different?

MapMyGut tests are available through one of our professionals exclusively.

Why?  Because every health professional we accredit becomes a long-term research partner who will work with us to help us understand the relationship between the foods you eat and your gut microbes. We have selected our team of practitioners on the basis of their training and clinical experience of using functional tests. Aside from their professional qualifications, they're all registrants of registers accredited by the Professional Standards Authority and they're all committed to continuing professional development, complete 100s of hours of work-based learning on the microbiome every year. We trust them to be able to help you at every step of the way, from ordering your test kit and explaining what your results mean, to issuing individualised dietary and lifestyle recommendations that are relevant to you thereafter.

What our tests are not

Our tests do not provide medical advice and they are not medical diagnostic tools. Our microbiome tests are not medical tests.  Our tests and subsequent report are designed to provide your accredited health professional with insights into the state of your gut microbiome, enabling them to provide you with nutritional, dietary, lifestyle and other advice you deem appropriate.

Our microbiome tests are not intended to be and are not sold as medical diagnostic tools. If you've any doubts about what this means to you, we recommend you read our terms of service.



  • People who are healthy but want to know more about the status of their gut microbiome
  • People suffering from common conditions such as IBS, that are considering changing their diets
  • People suffering from rare conditions like colitis who want to support and enhance current treatments
  • People with a history of long term antibiotic use who want to reverse the effects on their microbiome
  • People who have difficulties controlling their weight

Is this you? If any of the above resonate with you, we recommend you contact us. In the meantime, you may want to check our frequently asked questions page


  • Gut microbiome analysis will allow your clients to make better choices about their diet and lifestyle to improve and maintain good health. We know that most clients report being confused about current diet information and gut health.
  • MapMyGut testing has educational benefits for clients. It helps them to understand how gut microbes influence their health and how they can support them by adapting their diet and lifestyle
  • The test enables clients to assess how their gut microbiome responds to changes in lifestyle, diet and medication
  • Higher compliance long term with any advised treatment or diet and lifestyle plan based on own microbial makeup and information on how to improve it
  • Clients have fast access to the information and test results via their chosen health professional
  • Access to associations generated from the microbiome analysis and lifestyle data collected from thousands of research volunteers. This knowledge will be continuously updated by ongoing research
  • Our tests are not sold as medical diagnostic tools. By becoming accredited by us you agree with our terms of service


  • Claudia's microbial profile showed she has very few firmicutes - which normally make up about a third of the total microbial community. An imbalance in this group is associated with poor diet and obesity. We know that junk food diet can halve the number of firmicutes in the gut in just a few days. Levels of enterobacteriaceae associated with poor diet were also high. We know that this microbe is associated with inflammation and in old people frailty, putting them at risk of hospitalization.

    Claudia was recommended periodic fasting as this increases microbial diversity and straightens how the bacteria interact with the gut lining increasing her metabolic functions. We know that a diverse microbiome produce more healthy chemicals with reduction in weight gain. Claudia stated:

    I am now taking a probiotic, trying the 5:2 diet and exercising more. I feel better already with more energy and have lost weight. This has been the kick start I needed to reboot my unhealthy lifestyle.

  • Malcolm's gut microbiome analysis showed that, unusually, 50% of his gut microbiome contained a bacterium called pseudomonas generally associated with inversions. He also had a very low proportion of firmicutes which is associated with a poor diet and obesity and a slight increase of enterobacteria associated with IBS and common on people on junk food diets that can produce toxins.

    Malcolm was asked to make dramatic changes to his diet to stop processed foods and replace them with a wide range of fruits and vegetables. We know that the chemicals found in processed food are very detrimental for the microbes. Also, most processed meets have traces of antibiotics in them which contributes to reducing the microbial population further. Malcolm stated:

    My diet is very heavy in sandwiches and refined carbohydrates and low in fibre. These results have encouraged me to slowly include more fruit and vegetables in my diet as well as reducing refined carbohydrates and processed meats.


  • are interested in your gut health...

  • approach one of our accredited health professionals...

  • ...your chosen health professional orders your test kit and you send your sample back to MMG for analysis...

  • ...your health professional receives your MMG report and discusses it with you...

  • ...if necessary you adapt your diet and lifestyle to optimise your health!


24/01/2018 UPDATE: We have temporarily paused our 16s gut microbiome testing to launch our new personalised nutrition service, which will include an assessment of your unique microbiome and the identification of foods that may help you to improve your gut, weight and overall health.

Contact us if you want to be part of our early access customer group, mentioning your interest, and the MapMyGut team will get in touch with you.

Our tests are only available through one of our accredited health professionals. We believe that the expert advice from one of the Nutritionists, Dietitians and Medical Doctors in our team is a key part of our service to you. All MapMyGut practitioners are qualified and insured to practise, and are registrants of registers accredited by the Professional Standards Authority. They all have experience of using microbiome assessment as well as other functional tests, and have completed a stringent selection process and educational process managed by us. Our health professionals are all highly skilled individuals who will be able to help you navigate your report, translating groundbreaking science into easy-to-understand personalised recommendations based on your test results, and encouraging you to make better dietary and lifestyle choices. We are confident in their specialist knowledge of gut health and in their ability to help you optimise your overall health and wellbeing based on your test results.

As our health professional team continues to expand, please click on the button below to find one of our experts near you. Most of them also do video consultations via Skype, FaceTime of Google Hangouts, and even by telephone if you prefer. So if you have difficulty finding a practitioner in your area, do get in touch with your preferred practitioner and ask them about these other consultation methods. Please do get in touch with us if you have any questions. We're always happy to help.

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Tim Spector


Tim is a Professor of Genetic Epidemiology and Director of the TwinsUK Registry at Kings London. He has published over 800 research articles and is ranked as being in the top 1% of the world's most cited scientists by Thomson-Reuters. He is a prolific writer with several popular science books and a regular blog, focusing on genetics, epigenetics and most recently microbiome and diet (The Diet Myth).

Alessandra Cervino

Scientific Advisor

Alessandra is one of the founding directors of Map My Gut. She brings over 15 years experience in the "Omics" field and an international track record of excellence both in academia (Scripps Florida, KCL) and in the pharmaceutical & biotech industry (Enterome, TcLand, Merck & Co, OGS). Alessandra holds a DPhil from the University of Oxford in Clinical Medicine.

Gordan Lauc


Gordan brings over 20 years of experience in academia and industry to Map My Gut. He is a Professor of Molecular Biology at the University of Zagreb, Director of the National Centre for Excellence in Personalised Healthcare. Since 2007 he is leading Genos Ltd, a research-intensive biotech company that was ranked #1 by The Scientist magazine as the best place to work in the world for researchers in industry.

Ilona Zuurmond

Practitioner Relations

With degrees in Nutritional Medicine and Economics, Ilona combines her nutritional expertise with business development and marketing experience in a multinational environment. She believes in the power of foods as a source of enjoyment as as as of nourishment. As a health professional she is driven to communicate the benefits of the relationship between food and health to the general public. Ilona also leads the Dutch Map My Gut operations.

Jeff Leach

US Customer Relations

Jeff is the Founder of the not-for-profit Human Food Project and the Co-founder of the American Gut Project - the worlds largest, open-source microbiome project. His work among some of the world's last hunter-gatherers in Africa is changing the way we think about our pre-industrial microbiome. Jeff is a Visiting Research Fellow within the Department of Twin Research & Genetic Epidemiology at King’s College London.


Please feel free to contact the Map My Gut team with questions or comments