The right food for your
unique metabolism

Discover the best foods for your weight and health
based on your unique gut microbiome

sadGrapes, 3.7/10
happyAvocado, 7.8/10
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Backed by top scientists and 25 years of research and data on 10,000+ individuals


Our gut microbiome is unique and key to
our highly personalised responses to food

DNA is 99.3% in common
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Gut microbiome is 10-30% in

Gut Microbiome: The trillions of bacteria inside our gut, weighing 1-2 kg, and
impacting our metabolism including how we store fat and how hungry we feel

Our modern lifestyle has reduced
the diversity of our gut microbiome

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How it works


Get your test kit at home


Provide a sample of your stool and
mail it to our lab


Discover and apply
Get your personalised nutrition app with
your microbiome assessment
and your unique food recommendations


We combine science, large scale data and artificial intelligence

  • Scientific studies on 10,000+ people over 25 years linking the gut microbiome and personalised biological responses to food
  • State of the art gut microbiome sequencing
  • Machine Learning applied to large scale data to tell you what to eat based on your unique metabolism

“Based on the results, I have included
specific fruit and vegetables in my diet
as well as reduced certain refined
carbohydrates and processed meats.”

Amelia’s gut microbiome analysis showed that, unusually, 50% of
her gut microbiome contained a bacterium called pseudomonas
generally associated with inversions. She also had a very low
proportion of firmicutes which is associated with a poor diet and
obesity and a slight increase of enterobacteria associated with IBS
and common on people on junk food diets that can produce toxins.

Our founding team has built billion dollar revenue businesses from scratch, beaten Google on its home turf of machine learning for advertising, and includes some of the 1% most cited scientists in the world.

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Previously Chief Product Officer of Criteo from startup to IPO (NASDAQ: CRTO) & over $1Bn revenue. Formerly Yahoo, BCG. Educated Oxford and Harvard.

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Previously CEO of HouseTrip, acquired by Tripadvisor; Co- Founder of E-food acquired by Delivery Hero. Formerly Yahoo & Accenture. Educated MIT and Tufts

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Professor of Genetic Epidemology, King’s College. Director of Twins UK Top 1% world’s most cited scientists. Author - The Diet Myth

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Previously Founder & CEO of ElasticHosts, acquired by GoDaddy (NYSE: GDDY). Formerly McKinsey. Educated at Cambridge.

Our board of advisors is a global team that includes renowned scientists, Machine Learning experts from companies like Google DeepMind, and marketing leaders from iconic consumer brands such as Apple.

We have raised significant funds from investors, including those who built many of the multi-billion dollar technology companies in Europe, including King, Criteo and Zoopla